Going Digital


Its been a long time since my last post.

This is one of my first digital drawings. I have done it on iPad Pro using the Apple Pencil. it was great working digitally. Working digitally provides you a great flexibility. This is my latest work after a long time…and now i will be posting at a better frequency.

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Alone but Not Alone.

It stands alone at one place and keeps on growing.It falls alone but its not.We all come across trees many times…..some times we take refuge in them…..sometimes we break its branch or eat its fruits or sometimes just pat it and move on.Insects Animals and Birds treat it as a great source for their needs…..specially birds. It is surrounded by so many things but days come and go and the tree is still there standing alone and growing on and on…….

The LAY-Di ==========



The Lady:::A woman of high social standing or refinement, especially when viewed as dignified or well-mannered. 🙂 😏😏

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HEy EvEryONe!!


This is my First Sketching On a canvas.

It is a type of modern art in which I try to co-relate random figure and try to unite them.The Bold figures are the Big People, like great business man, or a film-star ,sports person or even a MOST wanted terrorist.The Lighter figures are those  who are still developing or who failed to develop, and the blank spaces are just BLANK SPACE for some AIR!! 😀

But ultimately they all have an YIN-YANG relation between them.